COVID-19 - Part 1

I have a small love for fantasy and sci-fi and was watching a series the other day about Thor / gods. It occurred to me that the people were all eating and drinking in restaurants and visiting each other and I thought for the first time that this series was almost more normal than reality at the moment.

We can't visit, we can't network and we can't sit next to each other to work. It's very weird... And yet for me, it's not!

As a virtual assistant 90% of my clients have never been in the same room as me and we have never met other than to chat on zoom /facetime. This is the way that I work and the practise I already have in place, I am a remote worker.

COVID - 19 has meant that for the first time people are being forced to move their business online and its not always easy. Not everyone was online properly when the lock down arrived and some still aren't!

My sons Judo club is now online, teaching video classes and providing the kids with online quizzes and homework, they have done this really quickly and so far we have had no reason to cancel our monthly payment to them, we are still getting the benefit of their classes.

My client who normally supports her clients in workshops and personal sessions is now providing online Facebook groups and weekly zoom calls. I helped with this and its great to see her service continue, if not slightly altered.

I wish more people would come to me, not because I would get paid more (although that's always useful) but because I have the skills to get people adjusted, I have always had these skills and they have always been useful but now they are vital!

Not many people know that I have an (almost) full time job as a Test Analyst. A lot of the work I do as a VA has a fulfilment role for me as a job I do alongside my main role to utilise all the skills I have to help others build their businesses. Its has a feel good factor attached and it gives me the warm and fuzzies!


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