I have now lived in Scotland for 19 years. Edinburgh is my home and I love it here, we live in the North West side of Edinburgh and just love the city and all it has to offer!

I was originally born in the North East of England but spent 18 years growing up in South Africa and Botswana. 
I think having spent time in Africa has given me a real appreciation for Scotland and the UK as a whole but will always appreciate the sunshine, food and culture that I experienced in Africa. 

After initially working in Insurance and finance, in 2006 I became involved in software testing and application support work. I love the ability to analyse and pick apart a website to make sure that we find all the bugs and get the most from the hard work that developers have put in.  Working in an IT environment is challenging and always keeps you on your toes. 

Edinburgh is definitely the place to be as a woman in technology. 
The support networks here are very good and tech start up companies often have a strong female presence. 

In recent years I have also worked as a Research Executive for a large Edinburgh based Research company providing data on surveys taken by some rather large bodies, the Scottish Parliament being one of them. 
For a short time I worked for a Scottish Sportsman, Dr George Kerr, helping him complete his book by being involved in the selling, marketing, proofreading and PR. This was fantastically informative and went really well. 

At the moment I am working for a Brand Protection company, offering a software solution to brands that experience counterfeits online. We enable small and medium size business' to protect their trademark and design rights through removing infringing links on eCommerce platforms. 

You can see my skills and employment history here: http://https://www.linkedin.com/in/staceyc0ttontail/